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Prohibited Items

  • Mobiles, Sim Card, Charger or any item/device in which SIM can be used such as Watch/Pen etc.
  • Camera*
  • I-Pod with Camera or external memory card
  • Modem
  • Electric Iron or any other electric items
  • Electric Heater/Rod
  • Knife/Cutter
  • Dissection Sets #
  • Scissors +
  • Match Stick/Box etc.
  • Agarbatti/Dhoopbatti/DiyaBatti etc.
  • Laptop less than 14 inch.
  • I-Pad
  • Glasswares
  • Any Cooking Material such as onion, potato, eggs, Tea, sugar etc.
  • Balloons etc.
*Permitted for BA (Journalism) and B.Design students +Permitted for Design Technology students
# Permitted for BHMS & BAMS students

    We expect all the students shall follow all the University Rules & Regulations declared in the Student Manual or declared time to time. Breaching of rules & Regulations of the University Campus may lead to consequences as mentioned below:

  • First Instance of Disciplinary Matters - Information to parents with penalty
  • Second Instance of Disciplinary Matters - Penalty with Suspension
  • Third Instance of Disciplinary Matters - Rustication from university with penalty or any other action