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"यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता:"
Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s UniversitY (JVWU)
Established by Govt. of Rajasthan

Our Founder

Personal Details Birth Place - Khurja, Bulandshahr
Nationality - Indian
Father - Shri Mahesh Chand Garg
Mother - Mithilesh Garg
Birth - 22 July 1973
Death - 6 June 2021
Profession- Homeopathy Doctor by Qualification, Entrepreneur  & Administrator
Active Years- 2003- 2021

Nation's First State Private Women's University 'Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women's University' was founded by Dr. Panckaj Garg in year 2008.

Dr. Panckaj Garg comes from the background of Student Leadership from where he transformed himself directly as a successful Edupreneur, completing his academic journey in Bachelor of Homoeopathic sciences (BHMS), he started his  professional Journey as a Education Mentor and offered  consultancy  to various educational institutions /Universities. Then He worked  as a Controller of Regional Office at Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Udaipur, Rajasthan from 2003-2008 then he founded the Nation's  First  State Private Women University of India in 2008 and established Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women University. He was recognized and declared as Youngest Founder of a University, by India Book of Records in the year 2013 at the Young Age of 35 years. In thirteen successive years of his working as founder and Advisor, more than 30,000 girl students have shaped their career through the higher technical, professional and medical education through more then 125 running programs.

Dr. Garg was aware of the ennobling qualities of education and used it as a tool to help women reach to dignified positions in the society. With constant hard work and dedication towards his profession, Dr. Panckaj Garg accepted the challenge to establish a Women University in the Rural surrounding situated 40 km away from Jaipur City with the Mission "Education For Community Development Leading to Women Empowerment".

Education for Women Empowerment leading to the Community Development was the clear cut vision and mission of Dr. Panckaj Garg.  Now the tree planted by this women oriented edupreneur  has taken the shape as garden under the gardernership of Dr. Panckaj Garg, where more than 30,000 girl students have shaped their career through the higher general,  technical, professional, medical  and skill education.

Under the excellence Advisory of Dr. Panckaj Garg,  University aspires to become a leading centre of excellence for Education, Research, Clinical Care and Training in Professional, Technical and Medical fields to educate women in advanced disciplines.

Work & Experience :

  1. 2003-2008 as Controller of Regional Office at Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Udaipur, Rajasthan
  2. 2008- 2021 as Founder & Advisor at Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Honors and Awards:

His visionary thoughts can be read in following published research articles and Prototypes:

  1. “Strengthen and Respect Last Qualifying Examination Rather Than Introducing Entry/Exit Examinations”-International Journal of Computer Sciences and Engineering, ISSN No-2347-2693, Vol.-7, Issue-2, Feb 2019. Link:
  2. “Research Demo: Emergent Agendas for Inclusion in Manifesto of Political Parties”- International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews, ISSN No- 2349-5138, VOLUME 6, ISSUE 1, JAN.– MARCH 2019. Link:
  3. “Pretext of UNNAT BHARAT ABHIYAN of HRD and VILLAGES DEVELOPMENT PLAN of University”- International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews, ISSN No- 2349-5138, VOLUME 6, ISSUE 1, JAN.– MARCH 2019. Link:
  4. “Indian Literature is Hidden Source of Scientific Literature”- International Journal of Management and Humanities, ISSN No- 2394-0913, Volume-3 Issue-11, July 2019. Link:
  5. “Appointment Policy for Academicians in context to Indian Institutions”- Pramana Research Journal, ISSN No- 2249-2976, VOLUME 9, ISSUE 4, 2019. Link:
  6. “Mind Game: Mr. Google Connect ward to the identified   Community" International Journal of Emerging Science and Engineering (IJESE) ISSN: 2319, Volume -6 Issue-2, March 2019. Link:
  7. “NAAC:  Need To Execute the Unique Sign/Symbol Post Accreditation"-Research Guru- Online Journal for Multidisciplinary subjects (ISSN: 2349-266X) Volume 13 Issue 1, June 2019. Link:

PROTOTYPE  “JV Earth Recharge Pipe”- which helps in harvesting water for the drought stressed regions  and Ground level of Water. Very Cost effective, Easy to use & carry and Environmental friendly in today’s Modern life.
2. PROTOTYPE  “JV Fermentation Bucket- Provide Natural Fermentation to Health”  Natural Fermentor which can be use for making fermented products such as pickle, Vinegar, Dough etc.

8.As a Entrepreneur, 11 startups  incubated by Dr. Panckaj Garg which has been registered and recognized  by Startup India


Patent filed Patent Name Published Year Link Page No
201711039753 A Aloehoney Natural Juice 2017-18 10
201711039773 A Characteristics Improvement of Operational-Amplifier (Op-Amp) 2017-18 11
201711039598 A Eco Natural Krishi Vardhak(Biofertilizer) 2017-18 10
201711039742 A Gau Neem Jal (An Eco-Plant Growth Enhancer) 2017-18 30
201711040281 A Herbal Jumpsuit – A Natural Healer 2017-18 23
201711039738 A Krishak Mitra Herbal Pest/Insect Repellent 2017-18 11
201711039902 A Long Height Plus Maze Apparatus 2017-18 13
201711039955 A MO-Agar coagulant For Water treatment And Purification 2017-18 15
201711040282 A Natural Plant Growth Promoting Spray 2017-18 24
201711039920 A Student’s Continuous Performance Evaluation System 2017-18 14
201711039884 A Wooden Ergonomic Chair 2017-18 12
201811017901 A AMLA JUICE CANDY 2017-18 14
202011008038 A Humidity Controlled Friability Test Apparatus 2019-20 46

Village Adoption & Rural upliftment: By Adopting 9 villages in University surrounding, he executed his dream Village Development Plan which serve Health, Education, Legal & Agriculture mentorship to each and every home & schools in nearby villages resulting in higher standard of living & sustainable livelihood. With the establishment of Bank, Post Office, Hospitals, Community Radio Station & other basic amenities for general public marked for upliftment of nearby community.

Employment Generation: He implemented reservation policy in recruitment on all the posts since past 11 years. 60% posts are reserved for the reserved categories residing within 20 Kms of radius of University surrounding villages & 30% posts are reserved for Women, having Domicile in Rajasthan.

Prevent Dropout Ratio: To encourage local girl's aspirants for higher education and prevent dropouts, 25% intake is reserved in each program with maximum possible subsidized fee structure for local community so that maximum numbers of girls may get enrolled in professional & Technical Programs.

Recognition of Local Identities:  His emphasis is on giving recognition to local identities of plants, food products, traditions, medicines etc. He strongly believes that geotagging of local identities should be done so that they could be identified and recognized by their place of origin. He has established “Local Research Resource Centre” to recognize Regional /Rural Technologies, Traditional Medicine & Therapies, Traditional customs & rituals for correlation & integration with ancient Indian literature and modern scientific techniques for Scholars and Academic tourists.

Respected and Recognition to Past Research: His ideology is “to respect and give recognition to past research, researchers & originators” in all the research work. He has implemented well defined Research Policy that gives due recognition to the originators in all research work by mentioning Acknowledgement to the originators, Correlating the research works with past research, Idea Originators, Using Traditional Symbols (like Swastika, Om etc.) and mentioning the reference of Ancient Indian literature in research writings.

''The University will continue to move forward in the direction of Community Development  leading to Women Empowerment  and many more  success stories will be  marked  in the history of the University.''

We All JVns will carry on your legacy forever Hon'ble Founder & Advisor Sir !