Prospectus 2024
"यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता:"
Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s UniversitY (JVWU)
Established by Govt. of Rajasthan

Program Outcomes

Faculty of Law & Management

Department of Management & Commerce Download Pdf
Department of Law Download Pdf

Faculty of Ayurvedic Science

Department of Yoga & Naturopathy Download Pdf
Department of Ayurvedic Science Download Pdf

Faculty of Homeopathic Science

Faculty of Physiotherapy & Diagnostics

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science

Faculty of Education & Methodology

Department Of Food & Biotechnology Download Pdf
Department Of Science & Technology Download Pdf
Department Of Humanities & Social Sciences Download Pdf
Department Of Journalism & Mass Communication Download Pdf